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Chain Harrowing

Paddock Maintenance 

Harrowing is beneficial for a couple of reasons. Firstly, it aids drainage; thereby helping to minimise muddy patches and standing water. Secondly, it promotes new grass growth by removing the old thatch, and giving new shoots the room and oxygen they need to thrive. It also levels molehills and clods, helps spread manure, and makes it easier to mow throughout the summer months.

In spring, it’s an effective way to prepare your paddocks and pastures for the rest of the year, and provide good grazing for livestock. We would also recommend that you harrow in the autumn months too, to aid germination of grass and flower seed over winter. However, for best results harrowing can continue from spring to late autumn.


When Flat Rolling, the grass is compressed into the soil which presses the roots further in contact with the soil, creating a thicker sward by allowing the sward to take in as much nutrients as the soil will give and helping to prevent weeds from appearing. Furthermore, it will help level out any unevenness caused by poaching, and firms up the ground to reduce further damage by hooves. Rolling also bruises the grass leading it to grow back thicker and therefore increasing the density of the sward.

Paddock Rolling
Chain Harrowing and Rolling
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